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Our Curriculum

Relevant, inspiring, and engaging

art intro


JAMS, as its name suggests, (Jewish learning through art, music, and science) is hands-on and fun! All JAMS lessons are taught through activities, games, and creative projects. In fact, the children are generally having so much fun that they don't even realize that they are learning! 

Our curriculum takes into account that children are joining once a week and come from diverse backgrounds; our lessons are designed to be repetitive so that the children retain more information.​


The Jewish Heroes Curriculum is designed to introduce young learners to inspiring figures from Jewish history and culture, and explore their contributions.

Here's a general outline of what the curriculum will include:

  • Explanation of what a hero is and their significance in Jewish culture

  • Reflection on the lessons learned from each hero 

  • Practical Application & Relevance: How each child can be a Jewish hero and apply those values in their own lives.

Our year long project is a treasure box filled with clay treasures, each clay creation reminding the children of a different hero and what practical lesson we learned from them.

Some of the heroes we will explore this year will be: Moses, Queen Esther, Abraham, Sarah, and King David.



In addition to Jewish Heroes, children will enjoy exploring the background and reasons for the various holiday and Shabbat traditions.

Many of the holidays we learn about in JAMS Afterschool are paired with family events where children can celebrate with the entire community and in many cases share what they have learned.

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